Easy Steps – SAP hybris setup in IDE (IntelliJ)

This article covers easy steps on how to install and setup your first SAP hybris installation on your development machine.


  1. SAP Hybris Package
  2. IDE – Eclipse of IntelliJ
  3. Admin access to your local machine
  4. Internet access to download IDE plugins (Optional)

STEP 1 – Extract Hybris source

Extract Hybris package zip in your local machine.

NOTE : Prefer a short path on windows (e.g. – directly in C or D drive) as hybris package creates a deep file/folders structure and sometime unzip tools fails to properly uzip the package.

Or you can use java command to float the zip using `jar -xvf hybris-pkg.zip`

STEP 2 – IDE Setup and plugin installation

Install IDE of your choice and install Hybris plugin to it. Installation of plugin is not mandatory but helpful for developers.

Finish plugin installation and restart IDE

STEP 3 – Import Hybris Setup in IDE

Click on Import Project
Navigate to platform folder of hybris installation i.e., <hybris>/bin/platform
Select Import Project using external module hybris
Continue with default settings or change any setup if needed
Continue with default settings and selection
hybris 1905 is supported with Java 11, please ensure you selected correct JDK and FINISH
With this step you will have hybris projects imported into IDE.