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  • I am using Hybris 1905 version ,I am getting Unable to load widget definition in backoffice after I have created a customSolrQuery Populator in facade Layer,due to which many components are not getting loaded.

    Also I would like to ask I have downloaded jar for hotswap and I extracted it and set it to java_Home but it’s also not working on 1905, can you please tell me how to do dcevm setup on 1905.

    • Dear Bhagyashri, I will try to answer your 2nd question first. You must go to the required extension and run “ant build” command to let the server hotswap it. I used JRebel before but still I had to run “ant build” on the required extension. Hope it helps.

      For your 1st question, I am not sure if any populator should really break the backoffice widgets. I would suggest to try a fresh clean build, followed by backoffice reset by going into orchestrator mode (use F4 and reset all).

      Hope it helps.

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